Sailing costs

The rental prices are specified in euros and refer to a weekly boat rent with departures on every Saturday. The price depends on a vessel type, year of manufacture and season. During the high season (from June to September) vessels are rented exclusively for a period of at least 7 days with departures on Saturdays. Out of the high season, it is possible to agree a shorter rental period and departure on days other than Saturday.

The agreed rental price includes:

  • Tender
  • Autopilot
  • GPS
  • bedding
  • VAT

Additional costs:

(they are obligatory but they are not included in the rental price and they are to be paid in the harbour before departure)

  • Transit log – (includes final cleaning, gas, bedding, autopilot) from 120€ to 170€ depending on the number of cabins.
  • Security deposit – can be settled in cash or by a credit card and covers possible damage on the boat, by losing or damaging the equipment. In case the returned boat is not damaged, the amount is paid back in full.
  • Fuel – vessels are handed over with the full tank, so they shall be returned accordingly. Most marinas involve a petrol station, so the tank can be refilled immediately before the takeover.
  • Tourist tax 8 kn per person / day (approx. 1,10 €)

Additional equipment/services which are to be agreed:

  • Spinnaker, gennaker, blister – weekly price from 100€ till 150€
  • outboard engine – weekly price is 80€.
  • Safety net (useful if you have children, it should be booked in advance in order to be set on time) – price is 60€.
  • Towels (two in a set) – price is 6€.
  • Skipper price 130€/day + food for sailing yachts and 150€/day + food for catamarans and motor boats
  • We can provide hosting services, hostess price is from 100€ day + food. The person takes care of cabin and toilet cleanliness, makes beds and tables, possibly takes care of supplies.


  • Early booking – 10% -15 % depending on boat age (in case of booking a boat for the next year (until December 31 of the current year)
  • Last minute – 5% (it can be achieved if you book a boat few days before sail start)
  • 2 weeks rent – 5%
  • 3 weeks rent – 10%
  • Repeated client – 5%
  • Boat show discount 5%

Discounts are not summed up, so the maximum discount does not exceed 20%


  • Transfer – if you come to Croatia by plane or ferry boat, you can have your transfer organized. The price depends on a distance and number of persons.
  • Parking – all the marinas charge for parking. Prices in "Marina Dalmacija" are approximately 40€ per one week.
  • Pets – in most cases you can take your pet with you, the service includes additional charges (double transit log).
  • Regatta – if you want to participate in a regatta, it will cost you about 20% more.
  • At your request you can send a list with the groceries necessary during sailing – the service includes delivery fee and covering the groceries cost after boarding.
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