Suggested routes

Here you will find some suggestions for your sailing routes. We shall try to point you to the destinations of interest. Remember, regardless of our suggestions, it is always best to “go with the wind”. Our coast will always surprise you pleasantly with is beauty.

Suggested route, 1 week, north

If you start from our base on Saturday, 8 NM north just after V. Ždrelac passage, you'll find Muline. Small village on north-western side of island Ugljan. Muline is well protected from south and east winds and provide excellent anchoring base with sand ground, but you also find plenty of buoys there. There is also a small pier with 5-6 moorings and a restaurant serving local food.

Suggested route, 1 week, south

We suggest starting your tour on Sunday morning setting sails toward the south. Enjoy a couple of hours sailing and then stop for swimming and snorkelling at the south side of Vrgada island, small island in front of Biograd where you can anchor and swim on the red sand beach and take a walk on this small and picturesque island.

Suggested route, 2 weeks

Start from Sukošan northward towards the north cape of the island Ugljan. Overnight in Zadar city or on the northen part of Ugljan. For example Muline is nice place to stay

Continue to Molat – you can stay in the village if you need fresh bread or basic provisioning. Or just go to Brgulje, take a buoy or simply drop an anchor and enjoy peace and quiet.

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