Suggested route, 1 week, north


If you start from our base on Saturday, 8 NM north just after V. Ždrelac passage, you'll find Muline. Small village on north-western side of island Ugljan. Muline is well protected from south and east winds and provide excellent anchoring base with sand ground, but you also find plenty of buoys there. There is also a small pier with 5-6 moorings and a restaurant serving local food.


Continue north to island Olib. Totally green and very low island with highest ground of just 74 meters is perfect for those who seek peace and quietness. Small village is in the middle of the island, with a pier and moorings. There is also a small shop and restaurant.
Sea around Olib is very clean, we do suggest stopping in one of the bays for swimming and snorkelling bay Banve where you can find Roman ruins or sandy beach in bay Slatinica.


Ilovik is the next stop. Narrow passage between island Ilovik and island Sv. Petar is one of the most popular anchorages northern from Zadar. Unreal beauty and diverse vegetation with crystal clear sea is what you will find there. It's very safe from northern winds and passage provide many buoyes. There are several restaurants in small fisherman village on Ilovik island. There is also a pier with moorings.


Lošinj is only dozen miles away from Ilovik, but its very long and protected bay is something worth exploring. Mali Lošinj is a place for overnight stay, lively village full of bars, restaurants, shops and museums. Good place for provisioning, but also for fun. Wide range of water sports and adventure rides makes this island very popular for younger crowds and couples looking for something different.


Time to go slowly back. We suggest visiting Ist with small village in the middle of the island. Souther bay is much more popular for sailing boat as it offers many buoyes and also several moorings, but if the wind from south gets too strong, northern side is also good for anchoring. In the village you can find small shops and few excellent fish restaurants. You can also choose climbing on the top of the small hill to enjoy excellent view.


It's time to visit one of the most beautiful beach in whole Croatia – Sakarun bay on Dugi Otok. This sandy beach, around 800 meters long is wide open to the south, so be careful if wind comes from that direction. Or just stop for a swim and look for shelter around the west point of Dugi Otok – Veli Rat. This bay is full with buoyes but also offers marina and good fish restaurant. It's also interesting to visit one of the highest lighthouse in Croatia.


Time to return to the base or at least close to it. If your mast is low enough to pass under the bridge between Ugljan and Pasman, we suggest stopping for a swim close to place Sali on Dugi Otok. Cristal clear sea is waiting for you between small islands Krknata and Krava, just few miles north of Sali. Continue under the bridge to Sukosan.
If your mast is too high, south-east side of Molat island offers plenty of nice bays good for snorkelling and swimming.

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