Suggested route, 1 week, south


We suggest starting your tour on Sunday morning setting sails toward the south. Enjoy a couple of hours sailing and then stop for swimming and snorkelling at the south side of Vrgada island, small island in front of Biograd where you can anchor and swim on the red sand beach and take a walk on this small and picturesque island.

In the afternoon continue toward Murter where you have several options for mooring – marina, restaurant pier at Konoba Fabro (reservation needed) or anchor. You can taste some local fish and in the evening have a nice walk in the village visiting some of the local pubs like Beer Bar Kantun


Again toward south, stop between Kaprije and Kakanj island for lunch break on one of many buoys. Afternoon you have two options, Stay at Kaprije - a sleepy Adriatic island with crystal clear sea and marvelous sunsets, where is the small port with mooring and electricity or continue to island Žirje, into Stupica bay where you can anchor or grab a buoy.


It’s time to sail toward Kornati National park so set sails and across Murter's sea enter the Park. We suggest staying in Opat bay, visiting one of the best seafood restaurants on the coast. Free mooring and no national park tickets while you stay here.


Sailing through Kornati islands.
Kornati islands are the archipelago of 152 islands, which may sound hard to sail through, but main Kornati passage (Kornatski kanal) is a very easy place to sail. So enjoy your day sailing around it and choose to stay in one of many crystal clear bays. One you should not miss is Lojena

And just on the other side of the island is your perfect place for the evening – restaurant Konoba Levrnaka, where you have moorings and some delicious food specialties


You will need to fill water again and probably do some provisioning – so your goal is Sali, a fishermen’s village on the southern part of Dugi Otok (Long Island). There are many restaurants, bars and shops in this small lively village.


Friday is the time to plan your return to Sukošan. You have two options, north around island Ugljan or south around island Pasman. Both options provide many bays for a quick stop for swimming and snorkelling like Vodenjak bay on island Iž or if you like sandy beaches Sabuša on Ugljan if you choose the north way. There is Barotul on the south side of Pašman or Kostanj on the south side of Ugljan or… some other hidden bay you will discover by yourself…

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